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What is my focus and what is Orthopedic Massage Therapy?

Orthopedic Massage Therapy is a multidisciplinary approach to relieving and managing muscular and soft tissue pain, dysfunction, and injury. It is utilized by clients who have a goal of improving range of motion, managing daily pain and discomfort and releasing restrictions that imbalance the musculoskeletal posture.

My goal is to provide a safe environment, open communication and helpful information tailored to each client. My focus is results-driven as opposed to relaxation-driven.

Clients who benefit from orthopedic massage suffer from conditions including:

Nerve entrapment
Shoulder impingement
Thoracic-outlet syndrome
Migraines and Tension headaches
Rotator-cuff injuries
Carpal-tunnel syndrome
Joint arthritis
Low back pain or Sciatica
SI joint pain or Hip pain

If you're wondering if you could benefit or just curious, please reach out. I'd love to chat without you feeling pressure to book.